How Unemployment Impacts Us All, Unemployment isn’t just something that affects the person out of work; it affects everyone around him or her as well. Not only does unemployment mean that the family doesn’t have as much money coming in, but it also means that there’s one less worker to help out around the house and one more person who could potentially need assistance from the government or other charitable organizations. Unemployment can even lead to crime, since desperate people might turn to crime in order to feed their families, leading to even more problems in communities.


We Need Work

When unemployment rates are high, it can be difficult for many people to make ends meet. Some of the most obvious effects of unemployment are on the family. The strain can lead to more arguments and stress, which may spill over into one’s personal life as well. But it’s not just about money; for some families, unemployment means a lack of purpose and sense of self-worth. There is also an increased risk of depression or other mental health issues due to the uncertainty surrounding unemployment. With every day that passes, there is less and less chance that someone will find work again.


Unemployed Means Inadequate Healthcare

How Unemployment Impacts Us All, when someone is unemployed, they don’t just lose their income. They also may find themselves without health insurance, which means they’re not getting the medical care they need. In fact, one study found that when a person loses their job, there’s a 33% higher chance that they’ll end up in the hospital—and these visits are more expensive than those of people who have jobs and health insurance. The ripple effect of unemployment can be seen all around us! Next time you see someone who looks down or sad, ask them how they’re doing.


Unemployed Means No Retirement Savings

When you’re unemployed, you can’t save for retirement. When your 401(k) account drops in value because of a market downturn, that’s money you’ll never see again. You also don’t get the benefits of compounding interest, which means that your retirement fund won’t grow as quickly or by as much as it would have had you been saving and investing while employed. Additionally, Social Security may be cut if unemployment rates continue to rise. To make matters worse, when people are unemployed they typically end up spending more money than they earn and often rack up debt to maintain their lifestyle – further damaging their credit score in the process.


Unemployed Affects Countries Happiness Level

How Unemployment Impacts Us All, with unemployment rates reaching alarming highs, it’s no wonder that some people are finding themselves in an unhappy place. It’s tough to be unemployed and not know what the next step is going to be. Studies show that while unemployment may not directly affect your happiness levels, it does have a ripple effect on those around you. A study done by the University of California found that those who were unemployed for six months or more had a substantial negative impact on their family members’ health and well-being.


Unemployed Means Lower Tax Revenues

We all know it’s tough to find work right now, but there’s a lot more at stake than just the individual. When people are unemployed, they don’t have the income they need to pay taxes, which means lower tax revenues for the government. This can lead to cuts in programs that support low-income families. And when people aren’t working, they’re not out spending money – which has an impact on other businesses and jobs. Economists estimate that when one person loses their job, up to three others will lose theirs as well. Unemployment is devastating to our country because of how many people it impacts. The ripple effect doesn’t just stop with individuals, either; unemployment takes its toll on every aspect of our society.


Crime Rate Explodes As Unemployment Rises

When unemployment goes up, crime rates go up. A study by the University of Maryland found that as employment rates decreased the rate of violent crimes in America increased by 3%. Violent crimes include rape, robbery, and assault. When people don’t have jobs to provide for their families or can’t afford necessities for their children, they often turn to other means like robbing others or prostitution. They might resort to illegal activities because it’s the only way they know how to make money. They feel hopeless with no future prospects.


World Suffers As the US Cuts Spending

How Unemployment Impacts Us All, as the US cuts spending in an effort to decrease the budget deficit, a ripple effect is being felt around the world. The phenomenon is known as the multiplier effect and it’s a simple concept- when more money comes in than goes out, then there is economic growth. However, when there is less money coming in than going out (as seen with the US), then we see a decrease in economic activity. This decrease can lead to things like higher unemployment rates, decreased wages and even social unrest. In this case, the global economy suffers because of what has been happening domestically in America. It will be interesting to see how these changes play out over time and if they have any lasting effects on our country.



It’s important to realize that when one person loses their job, it has a ripple effect on the entire economy. Workers who are unemployed may have less money to spend on goods and services, which leads to decreased demand for other goods and services. Ultimately, this leads to slower production of those goods and services and a loss of new jobs. So what does this all mean? In today’s global economy, when we lose jobs in our own backyard, more than just that individual is affected – the whole community suffers.

That is why my recommendation is to take steps to grow and keep jobs in our community. One way to do this is by providing vocational training so workers can find employment closer to home. Businesses can also step up by hiring from within the community, or partnering with local schools to provide training opportunities for students. Not only will these actions provide immediate employment opportunities for people living nearby, but they will also support future business expansion as well as increased tax revenue for our city!



Unemployment has a ripple effect. It not only impacts the person who is unemployed, but their family and friends as well. This can lead to more people becoming unemployed and feeling like they are never going to find work again. The best way to combat unemployment is by making sure that those who have jobs have the skillsets necessary for different industries so that if a shift in demand occurs then there will be people with the right skills ready for it.

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