Social Discrimination Affects Us in Our Daily Lives, You’re walking down the sidewalk, when all of the sudden someone steps out in front of you without looking, bumping into you and knocking you over. Or perhaps you’re having lunch with friends, when the waiter gives you a bad attitude and doesn’t bring your order right away because he’s more concerned about serving other customers first, even though you’re the only ones at your table. Social discrimination exists everywhere and affects almost everyone, but most of us don’t realize the extent to which it has an impact on our everyday lives.

Signs of social discrimination

Social Discrimination Affects Us in Our Daily Lives, Every day, people face social discrimination. This could be intentional or unintentional. The signs of this can be seen when a person is denied service at a store or business because of the color of their skin, if they are being left out from a conversation because they do not have the same interests as others, if they are asked to move to the back of the bus for no apparent reason and many more. Although it might not happen every day, it still has a major effect on our lives because we feel like we are always judged by society. It doesn’t matter what race you identify with or what your background is, every single human being deserves respect and kindness just as much as anyone else does.

These daily discriminations also affect us mentally and emotionally. We begin to think that this is something that will never change even though there is hope for change. These discriminations sometimes make us feel helpless and hurt which then lead to the feeling of depression or anger. These things all affect us in some way which makes them worth looking into so that one day everyone will finally get the equality they deserve.

My personal experience with social discrimination

Social Discrimination Affects Us in Our Daily Lives, When I was first introduced to the concept of social discrimination, I didn’t understand it. The idea that someone would judge me for my skin color or my gender seemed foreign.  One day, my friend and I were walking home from school when a group of boys threw rocks at us from the back of their truck. They called us names and laughed as we ran away. In another incident, an acquaintance started following me around town after I refused his invitation to go on a date.

It took many months before he stopped following me and calling out my name while I walked down the street. These incidents have made me afraid to walk by myself outside at night because I’m constantly looking over my shoulder wondering if someone is going to come up behind me and start yelling something awful about which I am as a person.

Ways to prevent social discrimination

Social Discrimination Affects Us in Our Daily Lives, We should all be aware of how our words and actions can affect others. The best way to prevent social discrimination is to not act on any prejudicial thoughts. Instead, we should keep an open mind and be empathetic, listening to what others have to say. If someone has done something that made us feel uncomfortable, the best thing to do would be talk to them about it instead of making assumptions or reacting negatively. In general, remember that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions as well as their own personal experiences with life.

It’s up to each individual person to form their own perceptions and perspectives on different cultures, lifestyles, races, religions, etc. No one knows everything; we need to stay curious and never stop learning. Finally, the biggest key to reducing discrimination is finding common ground and building relationships. With these four steps (be conscious, be polite, engage people in conversation and find common ground), anyone can help make a difference!

The best way to deal with social discrimination

When you experience social discrimination, it’s important to remember that it’s not your fault and that you are not alone. If the situation is serious enough, report it to the authorities. However, if the situation is just someone telling a racist joke or discriminating against you because of your sexual orientation, try not to let them get to you. The best way to deal with this type of discrimination is to show them how ridiculous they sound by saying Wow, I can’t believe you actually said that. or I’m sorry but I have no idea why you’re discriminating against me like this. It’s also important to surround yourself with people who don’t discriminate- some friends or family members might be able to help soothe your emotions.

You can also find support from an organization dedicated to helping those experiencing this kind of discrimination. For example, Gay-Straight Alliance clubs (GSA) often offer a place where students can feel safe talking about their experiences as well as events where you’ll meet other LGBT+ youth who will share their experiences too. National organizations such as The Trevor Project or Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) offer 24/7 support for LGBT+ youth experiencing these kinds of discriminations and provide resources for schools seeking guidance on dealing with these issues.


Society is biased and that bias affects us all on a daily basis. Racism, sexism, homophobia, Islam phobia, classism, and more are all prejudices that can be seen every day. In order to combat these issues we have to raise awareness about them and talk about them with those around us. We have to acknowledge the existence of these problems and then we will start to see change happen. The best way to do this is through empathy and understanding. For example, when people say racist things or sexist things it’s easy for us to feel angry but by trying to understand where they’re coming from it might help show that there’s a solution.

And even if they don’t change their mind at least they know that what they’re saying isn’t okay which hopefully would encourage them not to say it again. But if you feel like you can’t do anything about the situation then just listen and try to give advice. At the end of the day what matters most is that you took time out of your day to empathize with someone else and maybe make their life just a little bit better.


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